Porsha Williams Details High Risk Pregnancy & Why She's Not Breastfeeding

Porsha Williams welcomed her daughter Pilar Jhena just five weeks ago, but she's already back in the spotlight promoting her Bravo spin-off Porsha's Having a Baby. While talking with The Breakfast Club, Porsha got real about her difficult pregnancy and the realities of new motherhood.

While she was pregnant with Pilar, Porsha was admitted to the hospital for gestational uterine fibroids. According to UCLA Health, fibroids are noncancerous tumors that can occur in any part of the body. In Porsha's case, they were growing in her uterus, which can cause complications during pregnancy. This wasn't the first time Porsha experienced complications from fibroids either, telling The Breakfast Club she "had a miscarriage about six years ago" and ultimately had to have a surgical procedure called a myomectomy to remove the growths. After her initial experience, she decided to "let everything go" and not worry about having children for a few years.

After meeting her fiance Dennis McKinely, however, Porsha said she "got pregnant easily." Despite that, though, she was still considered "high risk" because of her age. Porsha is 37-years-old, which is considered a "geriatric" age for pregnancy. Though she had a myomectomy after her miscarriage, she still had fibroids, which led to her hospitalization last November.

Another challenge Porsha faced came after her daughter was born. She was unable to successfully breastfeed her daughter, which was difficult for the new mom to accept at first. "It didn't work out for me. I tried. I couldn't get enough milk. I was like 'ok, this is not working.' My sister is all about breastfeeding. For me, I can do it or not. It's not a big deal to me. But once you have the baby and once you see the baby, it's like 'I want to give you everything that is good for you.' So then I became obsessed with it," she said.

"I tried everything. I had three different lactation consultants in the hospital. I had one come to the house. And my baby started dropping weight. She's getting frustrated. I'm frustrated. When you're going between breastfeeding and the formula...breastfeeding-wise you don't know how much she's getting," Prosha continued. "So, when the doctor told me she was dropping weight and they were still encouraging me to do it, I was like 'I can't do my baby like that.' I cried it out and ended up putting her on formula. Her weight came back up. She's good now."

Porsha revealed that her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kandi Burruss was the one who helped her accept that Pilar was going to be okay, even if she wasn't be breastfed.

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