Wendy Williams Hires Xtra Security til Hubby is Permanently Off TV Show Set

You know there is a whole lot going in the wonderful world of Wendy Williams right now. She hit her husband, Kevin, with divorce papers after he flaunted his mistress all over the place. Mind you, there are also rumors flying around that he fathered a child for his mistress. Wendy also fired him as her manager AND he is no longer allowed at The Wendy Williams Show. However, she isn't taking any chances. She hired extra security to stand guard until he fully and completely gone from the TV set.

Kevin was also in negotiations as he was stepping down as the executive producer of the show. It looks like they have come to an agreement. Although Kevin will be unemployed, he will REAL GOOD for a while. He is set to walk away with $10 million!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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