Snoh Aalegra Shuts Down Sade Comparison

Snoh Aalegra's new album, Temporary High in the Violet Skies, is receiving tons of prayers online and praise by one fan online compared Snoh to Sade.

“Snoh Aalegra is our Sade,” @SlickyWilliams wrote, sending Twitter into an uproar.

Granted Snoh's style and musical direction is definitely pointed in Ms. Adu's direction, but after the user was bombarded with criticism, Snoh herself stepped in as the voice of reason.

“There’s only one Queen Sade Adu. There will never be another one,” Aalegra wrote. "This comparison I just saw is so unnecessary. It’s not even a debate. Respect the legend, please … Sade is every generations Sade.”

A true singularity in music is very rare and Sade is without a doubt one of those, Snoh's very wise words do not devalue her own great talent. It just properly sets the very high pedestal that Sade belongs on.

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