New Footage Reveals What Happened After Deadly Julio Foolio Shooting


Photo: YouTube

New footage provides a brief into the aftermath of the dramatic shooting that killed Julio Foolio.

In a video TMZ published on Sunday, June 23, police surround the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in Tampa, Fla. You can see paramedics head toward the scene of the crime and carry one of the victims of the shooting on a stretcher to a nearby ambulance. Three men were injured, but they are expected to make a full recovery. There's also footage of the car Foolio, born Charles Jones, was sitting in during the shooting. Authorities rummaged through the black four-door sedan, which was covered with multiple bullet holes.

The shooting happened right before 5 a.m. on Sunday. Foolio was at the Holiday Inn across the street from the University of South Florida to close out his birthday celebrations. The 26-year-old originally hosted the event at an Airbnb nearby but was kicked out of the rental home after his shindig exceeded the maximum capacity. He moved the party over to the Holiday Inn in the middle of the night and reportedly broadcasted his location on social media. According to his lawyer Lewis Fusco, Foolio was "ambushed" while he was seated in his car with three other men.

Foolio was declared dead on the scene. As of this report, police are still investigating the incident and looking for suspects. No arrests have been made yet. The video concludes with police investigating a separate vehicle that wasn't damaged in the shooting. There's no word on how it ties into the crime scene.

See more footage of the crime scene below.

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