Jada & Willow Smith Reveal They Both Considered Getting 'BBL' Surgery

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Jada Pinkett-Smith and daughter Willow Smith are proof that regardless of age or financial status, no one is exempt from the pressures of today's society.

In an exclusive clip of this week's episode of Red Table Talk, the mother-daughter duo both admitted to wanting to get a Brazilian Butt Lift -- better known as a '"BBL" -- at some point in their lives. The 50-year old actress opened the table talk, admitted that she's “glad we’re here talking about this today, the BBLs, because I was considering getting one,” to which Willow agreed. The 20-year old singer added:

“I considered getting the tiniest little bit, but then I just got into the gym and got it anyway.”

Pinkett jokingly chimed in:

"I told [Willow]. I said, ‘You want a butt? One thing your mother knows how to do is build a butt. And you built it to the point that people thought you got surgery.”

Jada's mother and co-host, Gammy Banfield-Norris dropped her words of wisdom in the conversation, adding:

“I just feel like there’s always so much more pressure on woman to look a certain way. You know it’s all about youth, so for somebody like me, the struggle has been extremely real. Like I've had botox, then you get to the point where how much you're gonna do, but then it almost becomes addictive."

Despite having thoughts about surgical enhancements, all the ladies attribute a healthy and active lifestyle to their youthful looks and toned figures. During an interview with Women's Health in 2020, Jada shared:

“I used to go so hard on my body. In the gym every day, lifting heavy weights, to have that hard body. But now I look my body, it’s softer, it’s not as firm as it was and I’m just learning to love it that way, and not feel that I have to beat my body up to be this muscle-bound thing.”

Willow also seems to have found what works for her self-image and is inspiring young girls all over to be themselves. The youngest of the Smith clan channeled all of that transparent energy in her pop-punk single, "Transparent Soul" from her latest album, Lately, I Feel Everything.

Catch this week's episode of Red Table Talk when it premieres Wednesday at 12 PM ET on Facebook Watch.

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