Justin Timberlake Confirms Collabs With Lizzo, SZA & Meek Mill

Justin Timberlake wants to mix it up with some fresh talent on his next album.

After teasing a collaboration with Lizzo, the pop veteran shared some more insight on the follow-up to 2018's Man of the Woods and it seems he has recruited a new team to work on his album. "I just called my publishers and I said, 'You know, I just want to work with young, fresh people, and I want to collaborate more," the star, 38, explained. "I’ve been songwriting and producing for so long — I want to experience that energy, and I want to work with people that I think are truly amazing."

As for his team-up with Lizzo, JT had nothing but hype to offer about the collaboration. "I think she thought I was lying, but we got in and we got a couple of ideas. I’m not going to tell you too much about what we did together in the studio. If she wants to tell you she can, but it’s flames. It is so good. I am so excited about it," he explained.

Timberlake went on to reveal that he also hit the studio with SZA and Meek Mill on the project. "I worked with SZA the other day and just worked with Meek Mill. I'm having these experiences that are fueling me in such a different way and, again, I think it was really birthed out of feeling like, what can I do right now to just be a part of my community and integrate," he continued.

SZA previously spoke about linking up with JT in the lab, admitting that the two have the same musicality. "Before I was like, ‘What the f**k am I doing in the studio with Justin Timberlake right now? This is crazy,'" she said in an interview with Kerwin Frost. “But when I heard his music and we started singing together… It’s like, ‘Oh, we speak the same language. The same frequency.' Our ears speak the same language. I understood where he was going before he could finish a run."

Photo: Getty Images