Whole Foods Will No Longer Offer Plastic Straws At Stores

Whole Foods on Union Station welcomed its first official shoppers

Whole Foods announced that they will no longer provide plastic straws to customers at their cafes, Allegro coffee bars, and juice bars. The grocery chain also plans to reduce their plastic consumption in other areas by decreasing the size of produce bags and replacing the hard plastic cases for rotisserie chickens with a plastic bag that uses 70% less plastic.

The company says they hope to reduce their plastic usage by 800,000 pounds per year.

"We recognize that single-use plastics are a concern for many of our customers, Team Members and suppliers, and we're proud of these packaging changes, which will eliminate an estimated 800,000 pounds of plastics annually," Whole Foods' chief merchandising officer AC Gallo said in a statement.

Whole Foods plans to remove the straws starting in July and will offer paper straws instead. They said they will still have plastic straws available on request for people with disabilities.

Photo: Getty Images


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