10 Podcasts To Keep The Spook Alive All Year Long

If you're anything like us, you love to feel the spook and thrill all year long, particularly during the Halloween season. Thankfully, iHeartRadio has a whole batch of podcasts that help spread the terror 365 days a year. In fact, we have a category dedicated to the ghostly realm of paranormal activity, crime and unsolved mysteries of the world. Since we undoubtably have free time on our hands amid the COVID-19 lockdown, iHeartRadio has collected a number of worthy podcasts that dive deep into some of the horrors that just can't be explained. Scroll on below to see some of our favorite podcasts that'll fill your daily dose of spook!


"Lore" is a bi-weekly podcast that touches on dark historical tales, courtesy of host Aaron Mahnke. It's not a straight up ghostly podcast, but instead a series that explores general mysterious ranging from creatures, tragic events and some of the most unusual places on Earth. From an executive producer of The Walking Dead and an executive producer of The X-Files, this series covers all the real-life events that exist within ours nightmares. Vampires, werewolves and body snatchers might be fictitious, but the root of their origin feels even darker.

"Alice Isn't Dead"

Meanwhile, "Alice Isn't Dead" is a fictional series from the creator of "Welcome to Night Vale." The podcast follows a truck driver's search across America for her wife that she assumed was dead. It's a long journey for the character as she comes across inhuman serial murderers, towns lost in time and a bigger conspiracy theory that goes way beyond her wife. Narrated by Jasika Nicole, the series caught traction in recent years and word of a television adaption by USA Network spread in late 2017.

"Welcome to Night Vale"

Twice a month, the folks behind "Welcome to Night Vale" unleash an episode involving the small desert town of Night Vale. This fictional podcast typically airs on the first and fifteenth of every month and revolves around "news, announcements and advertisements" from the small southwestern town. Speaking with NPR, creator Joseph Fink said he "came up with this idea of a town in that desert where all conspiracy theories were real, and we would just go from there with that understood."

"The Black Tapes"

In "The Black Tapes," Alex Reagan brings listeners on the road to "one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both." The series, which was released as a spin-off of the fictional radio program, "Pacific Northwest Stories," unravels a nonfiction styled fictional story about paranormal investigator Dr. Richard Strand, who is also referred to as an "evangelical skeptic." He goes on a mission to debunk all claims of the supernatural, but viewer learn much more when the exploration dives deep into the paranormal culture and even his own mysterious backstory.

"Stuff They Don't Want You To Know"

If you're a hardcore believer in conspiracy theories, "Stuff They Don't Want You To Know" is the perfect listen for you. From the HowStuffWorks.com team, the series hits all of those unexplained topics like UFOs, psychic powers and government conspiracies, courtesy of hosts Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick and Noel Brown. In their latest episode, the team hones in on the fact, fiction and speculation surrounding MKULTRA programs, which the CIA has reportedly financed and directed to perform a number of illegal experiments on United States citizens.

"Sasquatch Chronicles"

Sasquatch is a known urban legend and the "Sasquatch Chronicles" is here to help uncover sightings, encounters and talk of Bigfoot straight from eye witnesses. Join host Wes as he speaks with researchers, witnesses and several investigators about their own experiences with the tall giant among other fantastical entities. Some of these reported occurrences happened years ago, but the testimonial is still quite that fascinating.

"Monsters Among Us Podcast"

Much like some of the above, "Monsters Among Us Podcast" deals with uncovering the unexplained. Whether the experiences involve encounters with entities or creatures, the podcast gives a voice to the wives' tales that we all heard growing up as a children. Hosted by filmmaker Derek Hayes, this series focuses on why the oddities of the world are just so interesting. We all have a story about something we can't explain. Whether you believe them or not, "Monsters Among Us Podcast" makes it sound oh so real.

"Haunted Places"

It's easy to discuss what we might encounter, but what about the where or places of the world that go bump in the night" "Haunted Places" sheds light on how a normal setting can become a paranormal minefield. There's always a backstory and history to everything. In this podcast, Greg (co-host of "Serial Killers" and "Cults") takes us on an audio tour of a new haunted place every Thursday.

"And That's Why We Drink"

Murder and the paranormal spectrum cross paths on "And That's Why We Drink" hosted by Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz, and boxed wine. Every Sunday, the trio gather together for some ghosts stories, true crime mysterious and everything in between. If you like what you hear, you can also see these two live on the road. As per the duo themselves, "The world's a scary place and that's why we drink!"

"The Control Group"

Podcast are a nice alternative to the visual mediums, but that doesn't mean that they can't be just as explicit. "The Control Group" is an example of this. As a 10-part historical, but fictitious narrative, this podcast explores a doctor at a mental ward, who leaves behind his ethical restraints in efforts of pursing some "mental cleansing" on behest of a private research group.

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