YG Shades Tekashi 69 and President Trump at Coachella 2019

YG came out onto the Coachella stage tonight with a lot to say. After a touching tribute, where the Big Bank rapper dedicated his entire set to Nipsey Hussle, two other public figures instead received a whole lot of shade.

Fans were welcomed to the surprise of seeing a President Donald Trump impersonator join the stage. FDT, a collaborative song between Nipsey and YG blasting Trump, showcases a true level of the meaning freedom of speech. Watch the interlude below.

Tekashi69, who YG has had a longstanding beef with, was front and center on the stage screen display as YG introduced a new song, Stop Snitching. Late last year, 69 was taken away on racketeering charges and it has since come out that the New York rapper is cooperating with federal investigators. Many rappers aren't vibing with 69's actions and YG is no different.

Tekashi has been very vocal about the abuse he believes he has suffered at the hands of the American justice system. 69 says that when he went to court, he did not have $10,000 to pay for a lawyer and instead had to settle for a public defender.

"Three and a half years ago, I'm not this famous rapper that has $10,000 to pay for a private lawyer. I had to settle for a public defendant - a court-ordered lawyer, know what I'm saying? At this time, I'm scared, know what I'm saying? They are saying, 'You, you're going to get 15 years.' I'm like, 'No, I got a daughter on the way.' This is 2015, I'm like 18-years-old, I'm like, 'No, give me anything but jail time.' Know what I'm saying? 

The Fefe rapper stated that he is another minority being attacked.

"If you look into the case, right, this is just another story of a minority, of a youth being under the court system built for me to fail. For the people saying, 'Yo Tekashi, yo 69 you not taking it serious,' I am. Trust me, I am. I'm just not going to let that affect me."