YG Says Nipsey Hussle is the Black Jesus at Coachella 2019

This weekend, although a variety of artist gathered together to put on an amazing festival, it was Nipsey Hussle who connected fans and artist alike. From the tributes to the visual dedications stamped into clothing - the love was certainly felt.

West coast rapper, YG took the Coachella (which was aptly renamed to Boachella) stage donning a black leather vest imprinted with Nipsey's face on the back. He reveled in gratitude that he's finally made it onto the festival stage, but it was not how he imagined.

“I’ve been trying to get on boachella for like mutha f**cking years,” he announced to the massive crowd.

The Big Bank rapper said the two used to have one-on-one conversations with each other dreaming of performing the festival. “Me and my n—— Nipsey Hussle used to talk about doing boachella.”

Yg dedicated his very first Coachella performance to his friend, Nipsey.

He added, “we just lost one of our greats, we just lost one of our homies, our big brother....a legend.”

Yg then refers to Nipsey as being the black Jesus. Many have likened rapper/actor to the Christian savor noting the two passed at the same age.

As old photos highlighted the stage monitors, he urged the Coachella crowd to provide a moment of silence in honor of the fallen musician.

“So, I had an album coming out April 12th, it was supposed to come out Friday, but I got some f***ked up news,” Yg regretfully said. “I didn’t even know how to walk and talk. I couldn’t get out of the bed. I was in the bed everyday until 4pm. My life was f***ked up.”

He has decided to push his album back to May 3rd to take time to heal and process.

Watch the tribute below.