Quavo Finally Addresses Claims Migos Stole "Walk It Talk It"



Quavo is defending his artistry. 

The "WORKIN ME" rapper finally opened up about the claim Migos allegedly ripped off one of their biggest hits "Walk It Talk It," nearly four months after an up-and-coming rapper sued the group over the song. 

"I don't even think that lawsuit hit my table," Quavo admitted in a recent magazine interview. While he said the phrase "walk it talk it" itself is not a Quavo original, since it's a common phrase, he did deny ripping someone else's song for the group's track. "'Walk it, talk it' is a saying from Atlanta. It had been a saying since the 2000s," he explained. "Everybody say 'walk it, talk it.' My grandpa, my uncles and sh*t say 'walk it, talk it.' Man, that sh*t's an old saying, man. We been saying "walk it, talk it."

As previously reported, Leander C. Pickett (also known as, M.O.S.) is claiming he recorded a song titled "Walk It Like I Talk It" in 2007 that was released on a DJ's mixtape the following year. In his suit, M.O.S alleges that Migos used a "substantial portion" of his version for their 2018 track, which is featured on their latest album, Culture II. Here's where things get tricky though. Migos released "Walk It Talk It" in January 2018. However, M.O.S. only filed for a copyright of his "Walk It Like I Talk It" song in March 2018. 

M.O.S. is suing Migos and Capital Records for unspecified damages, and additionally wants to prevent Migos from making money off the track moving forward, TMZ reports. 

Photo: Getty Images