'Jeopardy' Contestant Totally Botches Question About Beyonce & Jay-Z: Watch

Jessica may have the smarts to land a spot on Jeopardy!, but she's clearly not part of the Beyhive.

On Thursday's (January 10) episode, Jessica decided to go for the "2018 Pop Culture" category, but she quickly made it clear that she's not well-versed in the world of Beyonce and Jay-Z. When confronted with the question of what collective name the duo used for their joint album, Everything Is Love, the contestant completely botched the answer. And we can't stop laughing.

Neither can Twitter user @Slicklippz, who thought the response was so absurd that he had to share it with his followers.

"OK I've got something funny for you to hear. Listen to what this lady says on Jeopardy!," he says in the video before playing back the moment.

"Beyoncé and  Jay-Z released the album Everything Is Love under this collective name," Alex Trebek says. Jessica buzzes in without hesitation and utters "What is Bey-Z?" 

In case those watching the video didn't hear correctly, @Slicklippz reiterates the hilariously incorrect mashup. "She said 'Bey-Z,'" he says in disbelief. After the other two contestants didn't even dare guess the correct answer, Trebek says "What is 'The Carters.'" And then @Slicklippz repeats Jessica's epic botch again, this time really emphasizing it: "She said Bey. Z."

Watch the hilarious clip below, and make sure to scroll through the responses. They're pretty hysterical too.

Photo: Getty Images