Lil Xan Shares A Shot Of His Driver's License On Instagram

Lil Xan teased the release of new merch on Thursday (January 10), prompting fans to clamor to his website and crash the platform, and we're hoping that the excitement has shifted the attention away from his previous post of his actual, erm, driver's license. 

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old rapper unveiled a photo of his California driver's license, which detailed the expiration date, part of his legal name, Nicholas Diego Leanos, part of his address, and the full license number. To make the post even more bizarre, the shot of his license didn't even have anything to do with his caption. "F**k it," he wrote. "I'll do a Q n A on Live rn."

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, things could get really scary for Xan if this kind of information made its way into bad hands. "The biggest prize for an identity thief is your date of birth and drivers license information. Thieves want this information because then they can open up credit card accounts, cell phone contracts, and bank loans all under your name," a Forbes report revealed. 

Nonetheless, we're hoping that 2019 treats the rapper with all the best. In December, he announced that he had completed treatment at a rehab facility.for his troubles with substance abuse, particularly of his addiction to opioids. He previously opened up about his time with the drugs to TMZ, admitting the death of his friends Mac Miller and Lil Peep was the wake-up call that drove him to get clean.

Photo: Getty Images