R. Kelly Speaks For 1st Time Since Sexual Abuse Claims: 'I Don't Give A...'



R. Kelly may currently be under criminal investigation for sexual abuse, but that did not stop him from publically celebrating his 52nd birthday, and it certainly did not stop him from shadily addressing the controversy.

The accused sex offender was spotted turning up at a Chicago night club early Thursday (January 10) morning. However, Kelly's turn up ended up becoming a police probe after someone called the cops on him, claiming he was at the nightclub despite there being a warrant out for his arrest. Chicago PD, of course, sprang into action after receiving the call and went to the club to make contact with Kelly. But once it was determined that there was no actual arrest warrant for the "Ignition" singer, Kelly was free to go about his business, TMZ reports. It remains unclear if the person who called the police was pranking Kelly, or if the person actually thought there was an arrest warrant.

Despite the police interruption, Kelly appeared to be unfazed as shown in a fan-recorded video.  The disgraced singer was surrounded by screaming fans and even grabbed the mic at one point to say, "It's my motherf**cking birthday and I don't give a f**k about what's going on!!" — clearly referring to the fallout from the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series.  As previously reported, Kelly is being criminally investigated in Georgia because of the recently released docu-series, which sent shockwaves throughout audiences with its gripping and harrowing recounts of Kelly's alleged sexual abuse — told by seven alleged survivors — over the last 20-plus years. 

Fulton County District Attorney's Office opened an investigation into the allegations made against the singer in the three-part docu-series shortly after the first episode aired on Lifetime Thursday (January 3). The office was also reportedly flooded with calls from people with their own stories, which is said to have encouraged them to begin their investigation.

Kelly has denied all sexual abuse allegations against him.

Photo: Getty Images