You Won't Believe What Offset Just Dropped $100K On



Offset and Cardi B have money to blow! 

Just one day after Cardi revealed her hubby bought a brand new luxury whip, adding to their already huge car collection, the "Walk It Talk It" rapper dropped 100K on iced-out chains and new glasses! (Yes, the man bought blinged out reading glasses!) 

According to TMZ, Offset spent six figures while at The Icebox in Atlanta on Tuesday (November 6). The "Stir Fry" rapper reportedly bought new diamond chains and custom diamond Cartier glasses. Let's break down his tab, shall we? Set dropped $80K on two chains, they were $40K apiece, and $20K on his diamond glasses — you know, chump change. The gossip site reports that the combined chains have more than 80 carats of diamonds and the glasses alone has ten carats. 

While Set was buying his new bling, his wife Cardi B was showing off their collection of cars, and her updated Lamborghini truck. 

The "Money" rapper flaunted her new whip on Instagram Story Tuesday, only a month after Offset gifted her her first one for her birthday. "Traded out my Lambo truck so this is my Lambo truck now," she said as she showed off the whip's red interior. She then went on to show off Offset's new ride, saying, "A month ago, I told Offset, 'bro we have enough cars.' He said, 'you're right, we have enough cars. I don't even care no more.' So guess what he [did] behind my back? He went about bought himself this car. It's beautiful though. This b*tch is mean. I feel like I want to buy one," she joked. Cardi ended her IG Story showing off her and Offset's numerous vehicles. "We got a lot of f**king cars," she exclaimed.

Photo: Getty Images