Young Thug Sent To Jail After Failing Drug Test



Young Thug is back in jail. 

According to TMZ, the "Anybody" rapper was taken into custody after failing a drug test on Thursday (November 8). According to court documents, obtained by the gossip site, a Georgia judge revoked Thug's bond during the arraignment in his felony drug case. He's currently being held with no bond. 

Thugger was out on bond, which has now been revoked, for felony drug and gun charges stemming from his arrest in September 2017. Two months ago, the "Anybody" rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, was charged with several felonies stemming from his 2017 arrest

In September 2017, authorities allegedly found YT and two other men in a car with drugs and nearly $50,000 in cash, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported at the time. According to the police report, cops pulled over a 2016 Mercedes Benz Maybach after suspecting that its tint was too dark. They then searched the vehicle and YT and another passenger were arrested. He was charged for possession and intent to distribute hydrocodone, meth, and marijuana, and he was hit with two counts of codeine possession, Xanax, amphetamine. Thug also reportedly had an illegal firearm on him.

Earlier this week, Thugger and Birdman asked a judge to issue a gag order in the lawsuit over the 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne's tour bus, The Blast reported. According to documents obtained by the site, the rappers additionally requested that the court silence the man who is suing them.

Last month the driver, Alvin Lewis, of Wayne's tour bus that was involved in the shooting took legal action against Birdman, Thugger, and the accused shooter Jimmy "PeeWee Roscoe" Winfrey. He alleged that the three men "conspired in the shooting," ultimately leaving him with "pain and suffering." 

In Birdman and Thug's recently filed court documents they're pleading for an emergency motion to void their depositions and stop Alvin from speaking about the case publically. According to The Blast, the rappers filed the legal docs "days after a judge put the entire case on hold, ordering no further movement in the case until the court says otherwise."

Photo: Getty Images