Keke Wyatt Remarries 1 Year After Ex Left Her While 8-Months Pregnant



KeKe Wyatt has finally gotten her happily ever after.

The R&B Divas: Atlanta star has completely bounced back after her emotional year. She's now remarried and her child is cancer-free, she told TMZ. "I went through a really rough patch there for a while, about a year. Y'all know about that little video," the mother-of-nine said, referencing the video she posted to social media back in September 2017 after her husband Michael Ford asked for a divorce. "I was 8 months pregnant, and I was hormonal and I thought I wanted something that wasn't for me. And my baby [was] fighting cancer. But now, a year later, my baby is cancer free."

As fans know, Michael's timing could not have been worse as the couple split while Keke was pregnant and another one of her children was battling cancer. However a year later, KeKe is the happiest she's ever been. The "Sexy Song" singer said she's found the love of her life in Zachariah Darring and all of her children are happy and healthy. 

"[Zachariah] will never tell me, 'I’m tired of dealing with you. You’re pregnant. I’m tired of dealing with this cancer. I can’t deal with you, your mouth no more,' like I’m not supposed to have emotional problems knowing my baby is on his deathbed," she explained, clearly shading her ex Michael for his previous behavior. 

KeKe also explained how she met Zachariah. "I reached out Zachariah," she admitted. [I wasn't] looking for love, not looking for nothing, God's honest truth. Just saying howdy... He was like, 'Girl, what's up?'" And the rest is history! 

Photo: Getty Images