Kyrie Irving Responds to His Critics

In a Instagram video post late Wednesday night Kyrie responds to all the backlash to his decision to not get the vaccine and says "he didn’t expect this to be an issue coming into the season"

Why is everyone making a big deal about Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving and his stance when it comes to being vaccinated? He doesn't want to get the vaccine... yet. Why can't we just respect his decision and move on. It is beyond me that we have guys out here like Stephen A. Smith calling Kyrie Irving "Selfish" for not being vaccinated. This is HIS decision, he is a grown man who I'm sure knows the consequences. My question is why are we only talking about Kyrie? As of October 14th there 95% of the NBA Players are vaccinated, what about the other 5 percent? Oh but because they play in cities that don't mandate you get the vaccine it's no big deal. I discuss more about Kyrie Irving on my podcast Down To The Wire 513.

We're not too far removed from when Basketball players were told "Shut up and dribble" when talk politics. This COVID issue is starting to feel so political and when an athlete makes a decision the masses doesn't like that only effects him it's an issue, and that's is sad.

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