Lil Yatchy Wrote Most of The City Girls "Act Up"

First Twerk now Act Up, The City Girls are taking over the hip hop charts.

Whats shocking to all of us is Lil Yatchy claiming he wrote almost all of Act Up.

He sat down with Kerwin Frost, saying that he "wrote the whole song" with the exception of JT's last verse.

Yatchy continues with: "I know them personally, and I know what women like to hear. What's some like, raunchy sh*t? I just started saying it, and before I went in the booth I said 'no homo, y'all" because all my boys was in the room."

Good to know one of our favorite songs is actually written by a man. Ha!

Check out the full interview below, does Yachty writing the song change your feel for it? Comment below and let us know.